2 Reasons To Hire A Family Law Firm When Choosing To Adopt

A family law firm is a fantastic resource if you have decided to adopt a child, mostly because they can take a lot of the stress out of the process for you. A family law firm will be instrumental in help you to find an appropriate adoption agency and eliminating a bit of the risk associated with a private adoption arrangement.

Finding An Appropriate Adoption Agency

Finding an adoption agency is not all that difficult, as there are quite a few different options available to you; however, it can be difficult sorting the reputable adoption agencies from the scams. It is not uncommon for prospective parents looking to adopt a child to run into an adoption agency that promises to help them find a child, only to scam them in the end. The problem with this is that once you have paid the fraudulent agency, they will simply disappear with your money. 

A family law firm can help you find an appropriate agency by providing you with a list of all of the agencies that they have dealt with over the years that are both reputable and legitimate. If you find an adoption agency on your own, you can give that information to your lawyer and he or she will investigate it before you pay the agency anything. In that situation, your lawyer can help you avoid fraudulent services by looking for common red flags, such as no physical address being associated with the agency or a founder that has been accused or convicted of fraud in the past.

Eliminate Private Adoption Risk

Private adoptions are a fantastic alternative to adopting through an agency, mostly because they can be a bit cheaper. When arranging a private adoption, you will often end up agreeing to pay for the pregnancy-related bills for the birth mother so that you can adopt the child. However, the birth mother can still change her mind up until you actually adopt the child, which means that she can change her mind at the last minute. 

This can be a huge problem because you could potentially lose a lot of money. However, a law firm can make sure that you and the birth mother sign a legally binding contract stating that you are paying the pregnancy expenses in exchange for the right to adopt the child when he or she is born. Now, this contract is not likely to help you get custody of the child, but it can help you get your money back from the birth mother if she does not fulfill her contractual obligations by allowing you to adopt the child.

Visit your local family law firm today in order to discuss the many ways in which they can assist you with the adoption process. These types of law firms can help you mitigate the possible risk associated with private adoptions, while also helping you to find legitimate adoption agencies to work with.