Proving A Car Accident Was Not Your Fault

If you have recently been in a car accident where the other driver had become injured, and they have decided to press charges against you, you will need to prove that the accident was not your fault so you do not need to pay for their medical expenses. Your insurance may cover some of the cost, but if the other driver claims they have extensive injuries, it may come out of your pocket and your insurance rates may be raised. There are a few tasks you should do to make sure you have the information needed to prove your innocence.

Obtain Witnesses

If you had other passengers with you when the incident occurred, they will be aware of the entire situation and will most likely testify on your behalf. Question them to find out if they had seen any other witnesses at the scene where the accident happened. Someone may remember a specific vehicle or pedestrian nearby and your lawyer will help you track down their information so you can ask them if they had seen anything themselves.

Use Documentation

Find out if there were any traffic surveillance tapes available that can verify your innocence. There may be a store that has parking lot security cameras that might have caught the accident on film. Walk through the area where the incident occurred and take pictures from every angle. Your lawyer may be able to help you find an angle to prove that the accident was caused by improper street signs or road markings. Ask an auto body shop to provide information about the damage on your vehicle to prove how the impact occurred. Make sure to get a copy of the police report that was filed as well.

Prove Falsified Information

If you believe the driver hit you purposefully to get monetary compensation, you will need to do detective work to prove that they are committing a crime. Hire a private investigator to follow this person to see if they seem to be unharmed. If they are pretending to be hurt to receive insurance money, the insurance company will pull the funds if it can be proven. Have the lawyer get the person's medical documentation to look through, as well. If prescriptions are not filled or if the person doesn't follow up with the doctor, it will show they are not injured as they claim.

Rely On Your Lawyer

Your personal injury attorney will have the knowledge to find inaccuracies in personal injury claims that are falsified. They will be able to find similar cases to help prove the other party is the one at fault. If you get documentation proving the angle in which the vehicle had been hit and you get witnesses or photographic proof, you will have a good chance at proving your innocence in the reasoning for the accident.