3 Tips Of Handling Divorce While Expecting Another Man's Baby

Going through a divorce is emotionally difficult for anyone. For an expectant mother, the stress of pregnancy in addition to the stress of a divorce, can prove to be very difficult indeed. Even more so is if you are not sure if your current husband is not your child's biological father. If this is your situation, you must be sure to not only take care of yourself physically and emotionally, but go about the divorce process the right way.

1. Talk to a General Attorney

One of the most important things to do is talk to an attorney who is familiar with handling cases of divorce while the wife is pregnant. Some states do grant divorces. However, many judges may feel if the mother is not financially stable to take care of herself and the child, they may hold the proceedings until after the baby is born. If your situation is that you are unsure of who the father truly is, you'll need to establish paternity as early on as possible.

Take the case of Shawnna Hughes. She was granted a divorce from her abusive husband and later that divorce was rescinded once the judge found out she was pregnant before the divorce was finalized. Her husband was presumed to be the father under the state of Washington's law.

2. Take Long Rest Periods

Pregnant women, in general, should try to avoid unnecessary strain. Pregnant women who are experiencing a lot of stress for reasons that are beyond their control should try to compensate more in the other direction. They should rest as often as they can, embracing relaxing activities all the while. People who are going through many stressful situations at once certainly deserve it. If you're pregnant and going through a divorce, your body will thank you when you take more time out of your day to rest.

3. Seeking The Help of a Therapist

If you are financially equipped to do so, a therapist can help you if you are going through such a difficult time during your life. Some therapists can reduce their rates to help patients that aren't able to afford their assistance. Some pregnant women see therapists anyway, since pregnancy itself is a stressful, life-changing experience. Some also see therapists after a divorce or during a divorce, and your divorce attorney may be able to refer you to a specialist, especially if you're facing the possibility of a denied divorce. The people who are going through both experiences should consider what therapy can do for them.

Divorces are emotionally painful experiences for everyone. Having the additional strain of not knowing who the baby's father makes it difficult enough. However, your attorney can help you understand all your options and get your legal rights established. 

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