3 Tips for Putting Together a Legal Contract for an Accident Settlement on Your Own

Not all accidents require you to get your insurance company involved. If you get into a fender-bender, for example, then it can be beneficial to just handle the accident on your own. In addition, if you do not have insurance, settling the issue yourself can be a simple solution to a small problem. In these situations, it is important to create a legal contract that protects you in case the other driver decides to change their story. While it is recommended to have a lawyer create this contract, you can also create one on your own. Therefore, there are a few tips you should consider when crafting your own legal contract for an accident settlement.

Include a Release Provision in the Contract

Creating an accident settlement on your own can cause a number of problems if it is done incorrectly. One major problem is that the other driver may decide to seek damages from you multiple times.  A release provision prevents the other driver from coming after you for damages in the future once you have fulfilled your contractual obligations. This provision is important to have, as some people view an accident as a payday.

Get the Release Notarized

It is important that there is a witness present when you decide to fulfill your end of the contract. A notary acts as an official witness that is acknowledged by the courts. The notary will notarize your release once you sign the contract and pay the other driver for any damages. This process acts as proof in case the other driver decides to take you to court in the future.  A notarized document shows the courts that the case was settled and you upheld your part of the contract.

Get a Lawyer to Look Over Your Contract

If you are not a lawyer or do not have a deep understanding of the law, then a legal contract will be difficult to create. Legal contracts require the use of certain language that makes the document viable. The incorrect use of words could easily leave your document up for interpretation. With a good lawyer, the other driver can wiggle their way out of a poorly written contract. Therefore, enlist the help of a lawyer to help you look over your contract. The lawyer does not need to create the contract, but they will be able to offer expert advice on your specific situation. Contact one through a firm like GSJones Law Group, P.S. for further information.

Creating a legal contract on your own will not be an easy task. Therefore, use these tips to ensure that you have all of your bases covered.