Why Motorbike Riders Tend To Come Off Worse In Motorbike-Car Collisions

In a typical motorcycle-car collision, the motorbike rider is likely to sustain more serious injuries than the driver of the car. In fact, in some cases, riders get hurt even in minor accidents where drivers walk away shaken but safe. Here are some of the reasons for this imbalance.

Motorcycles are More Affected By Road Hazards

Road hazards are more dangerous to motorcycles than cars, and this makes motorbikes more dangerous than cars in different ways. For example, if you collide with a car and your both get pushed out of the road, your bike is more likely to fall due to the rough edges of the road or road obstacles than the car. Obviously, the fall will cause further injuries to you in addition to the injuries sustained in the crash.

Motorcycles Are Unstable

Since they are two-wheeled automobiles, motorbikes are inherently more unstable than cars. This means motorbikes are more likely to lose stability and fall than cars when the two collide or crash into each other. Even a relatively low-speed collision can result in the rider losing control of their bike and falling while the car is more likely to remain upright.

Motorcycles Are Difficult To Operate

It takes more skill to operate a motorbike than to operate a car. Therefore, in a car-motorcycle crash, it's easier for the motorcycle rider to lose control of their machine than it is for the driver of the car to do the same. Losing control of the bike increases the risk of extensive injuries because the motorbike can crash into other things such as road barriers, other road users or even fall.

Motorcycles Don't Have Protective Bodies

One of the most dangerous things about motorbikes is that they don't have protective bodies. If you crash into a car, roadside barrier or fall down while riding a bike, your body will experience the full impact of the blow because it is not protected by anything. This is much different from a car where the body of the car, plus its protective design, bears most of the impact. In fact, in car-motorbike crashes, it's not unusual for the driver of a car to walk away without any injuries or with mere scratches even if the rider of the bike has fractured some bones.

This means that if you are injured in a motorcycle-car accident, your injuries are likely to be extensive, which means your damages will be relatively high. Unfortunately, there seems to be a bias against motorbike riders because many people assume riders are inherently negligent. This bias may result in you not getting full compensation for your injuries if you aren't careful. A motorcycle accident lawyer can help you get the settlement you deserve for your damages.

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