Suing Your School District: Civil Legal Dispute Resolution In Terms Of Personal Rights Infringement

Having children with special needs is challenging enough. Having to deal with a school district that commits so many legal shades of wrong where your kids are concerned is particularly frustrating. If you feel that your school district has infringed on your and your children's civil liberties, you can attempt to file a civil legal dispute in your county and state. The following shows some of the possible and accepted infringements on personal rights by a school, and the civil legal dispute resolution in your case that may follow.

​Integrated Classrooms Do Not Exist in Your Neighborhood School

​The Americans with Disabilities Act guarantees a "free and equal education to all children, regardless of ability or limitation." Schools are also required to supply that special education and supports in the school closest to where you live, or your neighborhood school. If they fail to provide that and require that your children be shipped halfway across town, you can sue. There is no reason the school cannot make the effort to make accommodations for your children at your neighborhood school. The restrictive access to education puts your children far away from kids in your neighborhood, making it difficult for your children to become familiar with other kids and adults in their surroundings. That is unacceptable.

​A Teacher at the School Files Multiple False Reports with CPS/DHS

​Whatever this teacher's problem is, it is clear that he/she thinks you are an unfit parent and wants to pursue courses of action that cause pain and suffering to you and your children. When you have to repeatedly meet with social workers to disprove the claims of the teacher who filed them, you cannot sleep well, you suffer emotional and psychological stress and duress, you are extremely anxious, and you suffer for it. This also affects your children, who become very fearful every time a police officer or social worker gets near them.

When the reports are indeed false and misleading, and they have been proven to be so, sue the teacher if you are certain you know who it is. If you are not certain about the teacher, sue the school. There is clearly something wrong with the thinking of the reporting teacher, and it needs to be stopped. If you can find other families with special needs kids who have had similar experiences with this same teacher, it not only backs up your claim, but it also creates the perfect ground for a class action civil suit against teacher and school.