3 Things To Know About Getting Legal Help For An SSDI Benefits Denial

Sometimes accidents happen or health conditions develop that make it impossible or difficult for someone to have a career. With no means of income, a disabled person can become homeless due to the inability to pay rent. However, certain health conditions are qualified for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits, but applicants are often unfairly denied. For example, an applicant can provide an ample amount of evidence in relation to his or her disability, only to receive a denial in return. If you are qualified for SSDI benefits and do not know how to get approved, a lawyer can help in several ways to smooth out the process.

1. Determining Why You Were Denied SSDI Benefits

An initial step that a lawyer will take to help with your situation is to determine why you were denied SSDI benefits by the Social Security Administration (SSA). He or she will ask you questions pertaining to your disability, age, work history, and several other things that might play a role in why you were denied benefits. For example, if you are not a certain age, you might not be qualified for SSDI benefits no matter how disabled you are. In some cases, the reason for an SSDI application getting denied is due to an applicant not filling in important information. A lawyer can fill out an application for benefits on your behalf if it is necessary.

2. Strengthening Evidence of Your Disability

Even if you believe that you presented the SSA with an ample amount of evidence about your disability, it is possible that it was not solid enough. When you discuss your SSDI case with a lawyer, he or she might want to know which type of evidence you presented with your application for benefits. The lawyer will then find ways to make your evidence stronger, which will strengthen your disability case. For example, a lawyer might recommend that you get a second opinion about your health condition, as a confirmation from two doctors is better than one.

3. Getting Your Application Reconsidered for Approval

When an SSDI benefits application is denied by the SSA, it is possible to contest it. A lawyer can take care of the reconsideration process on your behalf, which can turn out in your favor. The reason is that a lawyer has more knowledge of the laws regarding SSDI benefits. He or she will speak on your behalf when it is time for the hearing to take place. Speak to a lawyer to get help with your SSDI benefits case as soon as possible.