Make Sure You Are Paid After A Big Truck Accident

When an accident occurs involving a big truck, those riding in a passenger vehicle could suffer very serious injuries. All types of accidents can mean a struggle for victims dealing with losses. However, going up against a big trucking company can mean some victims are taken advantage of. Don't let that happen to you. 

Accident Damages

Hurt drivers and passengers may be entitled to certain money damages when the accident is the fault of the truck driver. In most cases, the larger, heavier vehicle is at fault however trucking companies may be reluctant to admit fault. Victims of an accident may be owed money for their medical costs, lost wages, personal property, and pain and suffering.

Proving Fault

If the other driver does not admit fault, victims must contact a lawyer for help. The driver found to have caused the accident may be responsible for paying both drivers' damages. It's inadvisable to attempt to prove fault on your own. Your lawyer understands how things work when going up against a big truck company. They will gather evidence to support your side. Commonly, that includes eyewitness statements, police reports, video footage, photographs, and other evidence that demonstrates how the accident happened.

Fighting for Damages

Dealing with a trucking firm after an accident can be different from other types of wrecks. These companies employ legal teams that may arrive at an accident scene ready to begin fighting for the trucking company from the beginning. Be sure not to speak to anyone at the scene except law enforcement and medical personnel. To preserve your rights to be paid damages, follow these tips:

  1. Don't speak with the trucking company for any reason, regardless of what they promise you or tell you.
  2. Get a personal injury lawyer to represent you right away.
  3. Seek medical treatment immediately after the wreck and follow medical advice.

Arrive at a Settlement

While you can always take the trucking company to court to be paid what you are owed, you may also agree to a settlement. This way of being paid is more immediate than going to court. Your personal injury lawyer will negotiate with the trucking firm's legal counsel for a settlement on your behalf. The amount you are owed depends on your unique damages. Many trucking companies prefer to settle out of court because of the potential for negative publicity.

Trying to deal with a big trucking company on your own is an idea that is bound to be unwise. Speak to a personal injury lawyer and get the compensation from the trucking company that you deserve.