3 Types Of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence has the potential to ruin families and create problems that require legal help to fix.

Most people think that domestic violence consists of physical acts of aggression between family members, but domestic violence is much more nuanced than that.

Here are three types of actions that the law defines as domestic violence. 

1. Physical Abuse

Physical abuse is one of the most reported forms of domestic violence. This type of abuse can range in severity from a slap or push to punching or attacks with a weapon.

Sexual abuse falls within the physical abuse category when it comes to prosecuting domestic violence. If there is a sexual component involved, the offender will face stiffer penalties in a court of law.

Anytime you are harmed physically by a family member, contact the authorities and meet with an attorney to discuss your options.

2. Emotional Abuse

An abuser doesn't have to cause physical harm to negatively impact your life. A lot of domestic violence occurs in the form of emotional abuse. Emotional abuse can cause just as much harm to a victim, but it is more difficult to see than physical violence.

Many people who are subjected to emotional abuse don't file a domestic violence report because they are unsure of their rights. If you are experiencing emotional abuse, meet with an experienced attorney who can help you protect yourself from an abusive family member and seek justice in court.

3. Financial Abuse

Control seems to be a major factor in all domestic violence cases. One person uses various forms of abuse and intimidation in order to control another.

It is common for one family member to use money as a means of control. This type of domestic violence is referred to as financial abuse.

The abuser will take control of the family finances and prevent the victim from accessing any funds. This eliminates the victim's independence and causes them to feel as though they must remain in the relationship in order to survive.

Proving financial abuse can be tricky, but any attorney with experience working domestic violence cases will have the knowledge required to help you seek justice if you are the victim of financial abuse.

Domestic violence can escalate quickly. If you think that you have been victimized by a loved one, meet with an attorney. Your attorney will be able to help you explore your options and secure your personal safety.

Contact a domestic violence attorney near you to learn more.