Factors That Can Prompt A Police Officer To Charge You With Reckless Driving

It's possible to get a wide range of traffic charges without being charged for reckless driving, but it's important to know that a police officer can charge you with the latter offense at his or her discretion. For example, traveling at a high rate of speed could be a simple speeding ticket — or the officer could also choose to charge you with reckless driving. There are a lot of factors that can influence whether the officer charges you in this manner, including the remorse that you show when you're stopped.

Possible Exceptions To Open Container Laws

In most places, it is illegal to have an open container of alcohol in your car. In this context, an open container is any container with alcohol whose seal has been broken, that is open, or that is only half-full of alcohol. However, as with many laws, there are exceptions to open container laws. For example, you may escape these charges if you can prove that: The Open Container Wasn't Readily Accessible

Reasons That You Might Have A Case Upon An Allergic Reaction At A Restaurant

If you have certain food allergies, visit a restaurant to eat, and then suffer a reaction, you don't automatically have grounds for a successful personal injury suit. However, this doesn't mean that you won't be able to take legal action in the wake of a serious allergic reaction caused by something that you ate at a restaurant. For those who have serious food allergies, it's important to know how to approach restaurant dining.

Held Against Your Will: What To Know About False Imprisonment

It's not often that an act garners two different types of charges and can be litigated in two different courts of law, but false imprisonment may be one of the few where this happens. When you have been held against your will or you are led to believe that you cannot leave, that is false imprisonment. The perpetrator can be charged with both a criminal offense and you can file a lawsuit in civil court for the same incident.

Why Motorbike Riders Tend To Come Off Worse In Motorbike-Car Collisions

In a typical motorcycle-car collision, the motorbike rider is likely to sustain more serious injuries than the driver of the car. In fact, in some cases, riders get hurt even in minor accidents where drivers walk away shaken but safe. Here are some of the reasons for this imbalance. Motorcycles are More Affected By Road Hazards Road hazards are more dangerous to motorcycles than cars, and this makes motorbikes more dangerous than cars in different ways.