How An Estate Planning Attorney Can Help You Plan For The Future

If you have a large estate, it's important to plan how it's to be dealt with should you pass on. This is a process known as estate planning, and it doesn't have to be that difficult to deal with when you get help from an estate planning attorney. They can help you in so many useful ways.  Designate Beneficiaries The people that receive portions of your estate and assets when you're gone are referred to as beneficiaries.

3 Things To Understand About An Automatic Stay

When you file for bankruptcy, you qualify for a variety of different types of protection. One of the types of protection that you get when you file for personal bankruptcy is an automatic stay. This is an important component of the bankruptcy process that one needs to understand.   The Basics of An Automatic Stay  When you file for bankruptcy, you get an automatic stay. An automatic stay is designed to protect you from creditors as you go through the bankruptcy process.

Things To Know About Child Custody For Unmarried Parents

It is becoming more popular for unmarried couples to have children together, and this type of situation often creates the need to work out a child custody arrangement, if the couple splits. If you are in this situation and have a child with someone you are not married to or even dating, you may wonder what your rights are, and what the rights are of the other parent. Here are several things you should know.

What Defendants Need To Know In DWI Cases

A conviction for operating a vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol can create a wide range of problems. From having a criminal conviction to potentially losing one's right to drive, there's a lot at stake when an accused person contacts a DWI defense attorney. Here's what you need to know as you move forward with the process of defending yourself. DWI Is a Statutory Crime Most offenses are defined by a person's desire to harm someone, take something, or attempt to do one of those two things.

Police Evidence And Your Personal Injury Claim

A good personal injury case is built on solid evidence. If you have been hit and injured by a careless driver, you may need to understand what is meant by evidence. One form of evidence, in particular, can provide both a wealth of information as well as provide a strong wedge to provoke compensation. Read on to learn more. The Accident Investigation Once you have reported the accident to your own insurgence agency, an investigation will get underway.